Everyone still relates because love does not discriminate

The one you love and the one who loves you will never, ever be the same person.
-Chuck Palahniuck

Sometimes I feel like we're getting closer like magnets. Two different people & we know we'll never be the same. It's what love should really be described as anyway; different. 

No matter where you come from everyone relates to love. Love knows no color, sees no color and has no grey areas. I started to think about how I could be so attracted to someone who was so different then I was..but what was I really comparing the love I was looking for to? 

When friends become lovers is it really because of the similarities, or because of their differences? 

Do we really look for our own qualities in others while looking for love? Even though we know we always fall for the ones who are nothing like the person we are at all. 

Kayla Carrasquillo